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By Family Dental Care
November 07, 2018
Category: Dental Procedures
Tags: dental bonding  

Installing porcelain veneers or crowns is often considered the best way to cosmetically improve your smile, but we know that not every patient can make the investment in time and expense to fix up their teeth using these dental restorations. Dental bonding is another cosmetic option that can give similar, though less permanent, results. At Family Dental Care in Rocky Hill, CT, a cosmetic dentist will take a close look at your teeth and see if they can be bonded and contoured to give you a better-looking smile.

Tooth Imperfections and Vulnerabilities
Teeth are generally highly resilient and can handle the forces of everyday chewing and biting, but over time the enamel can weaken, break, and stain. The main culprits are aging, injury, poor dental hygiene, and eating strongly pigmented foods (blueberries, pizza sauce, wine, coffee). Ridges may start to form on the front of the teeth that make them look rough and unpolished. Each of these cosmetic issues can be resolved with dental bonding.

About Dental Bonding 
Dental bonding is a cosmetic procedure that adds layers of white dental material to the surfaces of the teeth. It adds volume to each tooth to fill in spaces and cracks, while also hiding intrinsic stains. After the bonding agent is added and cured by your Rocky Hill, CT dentist, it can be shaped and contoured with dental tools. The material that is used to bond the teeth (composite resin) is the same material that is often used to shore up broken enamel after a cavity is cleaned, and it provides an appealing, natural appearance for your smile.

Why Dental Bonding?
If your goal is to see an improvement in your smile as quickly as possible, dental bonding may be the choice for you. The procedure is finished in just one relatively short appointment and there's no need to be anxious about any discomfort. The bonding material is strong enough to withstand years of chewing and contact with hot beverages, and you can extend that time with good at-home dental care. Dental bonding is also a very affordable treatment for patients.

A Cosmetic Solution
A nicer smile may be within a closer reach than you think when you visit Family Dental Care in Rocky Hill, CT. Dental bonding may be all that’s needed to fill in unwanted spaces and hide imperfections. Call (860) 721-9002 today to set up a time to visit Drs. Edward and Mary Pergiovanni.

By Family Dental Care
September 07, 2018
Category: Dental Procedures

If your dentist suggests that you need a dental crown, you may not know exactly what that entails and have a few questions. How will the Dental Crowns Diagramprocess work? Why do you need a dental crown? Find out the answers to these questions and more with Dr. Edward Pergiovanni and Dr. Mary Pergiovanni in Rocky Hill, CT.

What are dental crowns? 
Dental crowns are a cap-like tooth coloring made from porcelain that covers a tooth to protect and stabilize it against everyday use. The crown itself resembles a natural tooth in shape and, thanks to its materials, reflects light and functions just like a natural tooth to blend seamlessly into your smile.

Do I need a dental crown? 
Your dentist may suggest a dental crown in several situations. Some of the common uses for crowns include:

  • to stabilize a broken or damaged tooth
  • to protect a tooth such as after a root canal
  • to anchor a dental bridge into place
  • to protect a compromised tooth
  • to improve the appearance of a tooth
  • to cover a dental implant to replace a missing tooth

My dentist suggested a dental crown. Now what? 
Your crowning procedure takes place in two distinct phases with a short wait time in between. The wait between visits accounts for the time the dental laboratory requires to design, customize, and create your crown. During your first visit, your dentist will prepare the tooth to receive the crown and take a clay impression of your mouth. If necessary, your dentist will place a temporary crown to protect the tooth. At your second visit, about two weeks later, your dentist will remove the temporary restoration and place the final crown permanently onto your tooth.

Dental Crowns in Rocky Hill, CT
Dental crowns can help preserve your tooth’s natural structure. Crowns are often used in combination with other restoration or cosmetic dental procedures. Consult with your dentist to learn more about your options when it comes to dental crowns and how they can benefit your smile.

For more information on dental crowns, please contact Dr. Edward Pergiovanni and Dr. Mary Pergiovanni in Rocky Hill, CT. Call (860) 721-9002 to schedule your appointment with your dentist today!

By Family Dental Care
July 18, 2018
Category: Dental Procedures
Tags: Root Canals  

Root CanalIf your dentist says you may need a root canal, it can be a shock, especially if you are not experiencing a toothache. However, knowing the early signs of teeth decay will allow you to spot your symptoms early and in some cases even avoid a root canal altogether. Learn more about spotting the early signs of teeth decay and the signs you may need a root canal with Dr. Edward Pergiovanni and Dr. Mary Pergiovanni at Family Dental Care in Rocky Hills, CT.

How does teeth decay work? 
Teeth decay begins as bacteria which clings to the outside of the tooth. As bacteria builds up, it hardens into plaque, a sticky white substance. You can remove plaque with proper brushing and flossing techniques. However, once plaque hardens into tartar, it begins eating through the tooth and can only be removed during a professional dental cleaning. Though the tooth’s outer layers do not have any nerves, meaning they do not produce pain signals, you will begin to feel tooth pain and discomfort once the decay reaches the inner pulp chamber, which houses the tooth’s blood vessels and nerves.

Spotting Teeth Decay Early 
The earliest sign of teeth decay is plaque, which hardens into tartar. Plaque is a white, sticky substance which you can remove by brushing and flossing using the proper techniques. You may notice it on your floss as you move it between the teeth. Tartar looks like a brown substance on the tooth, resembling a stain, and begins along the gum line. If allowed to remain on the teeth, these early signs of decay will turn into a cavity, which looks like a black or brown spot or hole in the tooth. Unexplained bad breath or strange taste in your mouth and sensitivity to hot and cold are other early signs of decay. If you feel the pain of a toothache, the decay is too advanced to be treated with a dental filling and will require a root canal.

Root Canal Therapy in Rocky Hills, CT
Root canals remove the inner tissue and nerves of a heavily decayed or damaged tooth. After eliminating the infection, your dentist will refill the tooth’s inner portion with filling material to restore its structure. A dental crown placed over the tooth stabilizes the large filling against every day use and helps prevent damage in the future.

For more information on root canals or spotting decay in its earliest stages, please contact Dr. Edward Pergiovanni and Dr. Mary Pergiovanni at Family Dental Care in Rocky Hills, CT. Call (860) 721-9002 to schedule your appointment with your dentist today!

By Family Dental Care
April 30, 2018
Category: Dental Procedures

When it comes to tooth loss, most of the focus tends to be on the cosmetic toll that missing teeth take on your smile and overall dental implantsappearance - and rightfully so. From self-esteem issues to professional opportunities, a damaged smile can impact your overall quality of life in many ways. But tooth loss can also have damaging effects behind the scenes (or gums, to be more accurate) which can ultimately hurt your oral health as well. The dentists at Family Dental Care in Rocky Hill, CT, Dr. Edward and Dr. Mary Pergiovanni recommend dental implants to improve your smile and oral health.

Dental Implants in Rocky Hill, CT

Implants do more than just restore basic function and the cosmetic appearance of your smile. Below the surface of your gums, bone tissue starts to erode as soon as a tooth falls out or gets extracted. While other dental restorations restore the crown portion of the tooth, implants are like a prosthetic root that anchors the crown permanently in place and helps to preserve and grow healthy new bone tissue, which is critical for your oral health.

Benefits of Dental Implants

Whether you have recently lost one or more teeth or have been living with missing teeth for years, dental implants offer a number of benefits for adult patients who qualify (must be in good general health, have sufficient bone density in the gums to support an implant, and the ability to commit to rigorous oral hygiene and follow up care with your dentist):

  • A new and improved smile
  • Healthier gums and potentially lower risk of gum disease
  • Convenience (dental implants are secure and permanent, once in place they do not have to be removed for cleaning or secured with adhesives)
  • High success rate
  • Closest dental restoration to your natural teeth

Find a Dentist in Rocky Hill, CT

Contact Family Dental Care today by calling (860) 721-9002 to learn more about dental implants and to schedule an appointment with Dr. Edward or Dr. Mary Pergiovanni.

By Family Dental Care
March 26, 2018
Category: Oral Health
Tags: Oral Hygiene  

Isn’t it time you considered whether you are doing everything you can for your oral health?oral hygiene

Everything from how well you brush to what you eat can affect the health of your teeth and gums. Anyone can be prone to decay or gum disease if they aren’t careful, but the goal of our Rocky Hill, CT, dentists Drs. Edward and Mary Pergiovanni is to make sure that you have all the information you need at your disposal to make smart choices about your oral routine. Here are some ways to keep your smile healthy:

At-Home Cleanings

How you care for your teeth and gums each and every day can really make a difference for your oral health. Regardless of what kind of toothbrush you use or which kind of toothpaste you like, consistency and proper technique are the biggest keys to a healthy smile.

You should be brushing at least twice a day (once in the morning and again at night) and flossing daily. Of course, your toothbrush wasn’t meant to last forever, so make sure you are replacing it (or the toothbrush head) every three to four months (or whenever the bristles begin to wear).

Eat For Your Smile

Your teeth, gums and jawbone also need certain nutrients to remain strong and healthy. Stay away from sugary, starchy treats and drinks, particularly when reaching for a snack. Instead, choose from fresh fruits and vegetables, lean proteins, whole grains and low-fat dairy.

If you need a snack, opt for crisp veggies, an apple and/or a slice or two of cheese, which can be natural teeth cleaners and help stimulate the production of saliva, which can remove debris and bacteria and help remineralize tooth enamel to prevent decay.

Visit Your Dentist

Even with the best oral health habits in place, you still need to visit our Rocky Hill, CT, general dentist every six months for routine cleanings. From removing surface stains, plaque and tartar buildup to performing oral cancer screenings or detecting decay early on, there are so many benefits to getting routine checkups every six months and no matter how healthy your teeth feel it’s still important that everyone gets routine dental checkups.

If you have questions or concerns about your oral health it’s important that you have a dentist you trust to provide you with the care you deserve. If you have questions about the services we offer or just need to schedule a routine dental cleaning, don’t hesitate to reach out to Family Dental Care in Rocky Hill, CT, today.

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Dr. Mary Pergiovanni receives the 2017 Hartford Dental Society James and Ella Burr McManus Award


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