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A General Dentist Shares   Things To Know About Fluoride Treatments

A General Dentist Shares 5 Things To Know About Fluoride Treatments

At our general dentist office, we pride ourselves in giving patients the best possible preventative care treatments. Fluoride treatments are just one part of the services we offer. Fluoride is an important mineral because it helps maintain healthy teeth and prevent cavities. With a deficit of this mineral, the teeth are more susceptible to cavities.Fluoride,…

Saving Your Smile With A Pain Free Dentist

Saving Your Smile With A Pain-Free Dentist

Can you imagine a pain-free dentist visit and how this appointment would feel? A painless dental experience is not an impossible prospect nowadays. It is very common that many patients avoid oral exams and other dental trips because they worry about facing painful, uncomfortable treatments and interventions. However, this does not have to be the…