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By Family Dental Care
November 07, 2018
Category: Dental Procedures
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Installing porcelain veneers or crowns is often considered the best way to cosmetically improve your smile, but we know that not every patient can make the investment in time and expense to fix up their teeth using these dental restorations. Dental bonding is another cosmetic option that can give similar, though less permanent, results. At Family Dental Care in Rocky Hill, CT, a cosmetic dentist will take a close look at your teeth and see if they can be bonded and contoured to give you a better-looking smile.

Tooth Imperfections and Vulnerabilities
Teeth are generally highly resilient and can handle the forces of everyday chewing and biting, but over time the enamel can weaken, break, and stain. The main culprits are aging, injury, poor dental hygiene, and eating strongly pigmented foods (blueberries, pizza sauce, wine, coffee). Ridges may start to form on the front of the teeth that make them look rough and unpolished. Each of these cosmetic issues can be resolved with dental bonding.

About Dental Bonding 
Dental bonding is a cosmetic procedure that adds layers of white dental material to the surfaces of the teeth. It adds volume to each tooth to fill in spaces and cracks, while also hiding intrinsic stains. After the bonding agent is added and cured by your Rocky Hill, CT dentist, it can be shaped and contoured with dental tools. The material that is used to bond the teeth (composite resin) is the same material that is often used to shore up broken enamel after a cavity is cleaned, and it provides an appealing, natural appearance for your smile.

Why Dental Bonding?
If your goal is to see an improvement in your smile as quickly as possible, dental bonding may be the choice for you. The procedure is finished in just one relatively short appointment and there's no need to be anxious about any discomfort. The bonding material is strong enough to withstand years of chewing and contact with hot beverages, and you can extend that time with good at-home dental care. Dental bonding is also a very affordable treatment for patients.

A Cosmetic Solution
A nicer smile may be within a closer reach than you think when you visit Family Dental Care in Rocky Hill, CT. Dental bonding may be all that’s needed to fill in unwanted spaces and hide imperfections. Call (860) 721-9002 today to set up a time to visit Drs. Edward and Mary Pergiovanni.


Dr. Mary Pergiovanni has been named the 2017 recipient of the Hartford Dental Society Dr. James & Ella Burr McManus Award


Dr. Mary Pergiovanni receives the 2017 Hartford Dental Society James and Ella Burr McManus Award


Dr. Ed and Dr. Mary Pergiovanni recently volunteered for their 9th Connecticut Mission of Mercy Dental Clinic. Click on the link below to see Dr. Mary featured in a news clip which aired on NBC30.
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